Black-tailed Skimmer
Orthetrum cancellatum

An unusual sighting in the New Forest, however a trip into Delph Woods in neighboring Dorset will reveal them at the height of the summer.

Males are very similar to the Keeled Skimmer in size and colouration, yet with a larger overall size and a distinct black tip on the abdomen.

While it is possible to mistake the Black Tailed Skimmer for either the Keeled Skimmer or Scarce Chaser, it is rarely found co-habiting the same location.

Males tend to make short bursts of flight close to the waters surface, often returning to the same perch which is often on or close to the ground.

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Hatchet Small Pond in the New Forest. Dunyeats Pond (Delph Woods, near Poole), Brownsea Island.
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seasonal appearance distinguishing features

Males have a pastel blue abdomen, flanked by yellow spots with a distinct black tint to the final abdominal segments.

Females have quite a thick yellow body with a very distinct pair of black stripes running the length of each abdominal segment.