Ruddy Darter
Sympetrum sanguineum

A common inhabitant of small shady forest ponds and bogs, appearing from mid season, and often still sighted as late as early November.

A small and slender bodied Dragonfly that is easily confused with the similar Common Darter. With both species having a similar flight season.

Maturation takes about ten days following hatching, with males starting life with very similar yellow colouration to the female, and developing their reddish colour as they reach maturity.

A fairly approachable and easy dragonfly to photograph.

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Quite common throughout the New Forest, can be easily observed in abundance in many of the small ponds throughout Holmsley wood.
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Easily confused with the similar Common Darter, the male Ruddy Darter has a more slender abdomen, with more of a reddish colouration. Males and females have a yellow / amber tint at the base of the wings.