Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Cordulegaster boltonii

Arguably the most striking of all New Forest Dragonflies, the Golden Ringed cannot fail to impress. One of the largest species, it can be seen regularly on forest walks, often great distances from water bodies. Seems to favor ferns as a place to perch, but has been seen on all manner of foliage.

The long slender black and yellow striped body, with vivid green eyes is unmistakable for any other species.

Fortunately, the Golden Ringed Dragonfly is quite approachable, and the stealthy observer can get to within 2 feet usually before disturbing a perched specimen.

A feeding Golden Ringed is quite a spectacle, and as with many other species, the Golden Ringed becomes even more oblivious to observers when it is chomping down on some other bug life.

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While occasionally seen patrolling very narrow slow flowing streams, they are equally abundant resting on ferns and foliage flanking wooded forest walks many 100s of metres from a water source. Crockford Stream and Holmsley wood are two excellent locations.

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Not mistakable for any other species, with a very long yellow and black banded abdomen. Males are not easily distinguishable from females, but have more of a slender abdomen which becomes clubbed toward the end. Females have a long and pointed ovipositor.