Migrant Hawker
Aeshna mixta

Arguably the most common of the Hawkers found in the late Summer in the New Forest. Males patrol the sky at a height of about 20ft above ground, and very rarely perch. Females if watched long enough will take perch after about 10 minutes, usually about 3-6 feet above ground underneath the shade of vegetation (often gorse bushes).


Once perched the Migrant Hawker extremely hard to find, and very well camouflaged, so it is important not to take your eyes away from the spot where the landing happened. However, once perched and located, if careful it is possible to get within inches of the subject without disturbing it.

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Very common at Crockford Stream (see locations) toward the end of the summer. Late afternoon on a hot August day is an ideal time to locate the Migrant, simply look to the skies and you will see them on patrol.

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Easily confused with both the Common and Southern Hawkers, and a close examination of the markings and eye colouration is often required to be sure. Female abdominal markings are yellow and brown, and males predominantly Blue. Immature males have more of a lilac colouration.