Scarce Chaser
Libellula fulva

Scarce in the New Forest (as its name suggests), the Scarce Chaser is none-the-less found in some abundance in a few locations in East Dorset.

The Scarce Chaser is slightly smaller in build than the Broad Bodied Chaser, yet more substantial than both the Keeled and Black Tailed skimmers. All of these species could prove confusing to the untrained eye.

As with these similar species, the male abdomen is a pastel Blue colour, yet both the male and female have a distinct black triangle toward the rear of the abdomen.

The Scarce chaser will regularly return to a favourate perch, making it a safe bet for photographers using the Perch Technique.

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Found in the far South East parts of Dorset, including the Alder Hills nature reserve (Near Sainsburys) and many of the patches of heath land between Hurn Airport and the Avon Causeway. Abundant at Ramsdown.

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Males begin life with an Orange abdomen, making them easily confused with the femailes, yet they quickly mature to have a pastel blue abdomen and powder blue eyes. The tip of the abdomen is a black colour, making it easily confused with the similar Black Tailed Skimmer. However only the Scarce Chaser has the black tinting at the base of the wings. Females are a bright orange colour, with a black spear like flash running from the tip of the abdomen. Female wings have a yellow tint.