Azure Damselfly
Coenagrion puella

The Azure Damselfly is one of the earliest to appear in large numbers in the New Forest. Although arguably one of the most abundant and easily spottable of New Forest species, it is somewhat timid and easily startled.

The Azure male has a striking blue colouration, and can easily be mistaken for the similar yet less Southern Damselfly or Common Blue Damselfly species.

Approaching the Azure for photography can be challenging, unless it is either mid-copulation, or is still raising its temparature and lose its dew coating during the early hours (typically pre-7:30 a.m. in the summer months).

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One of the most common species in the New Forest, the Azure can be seen in large numbers by most bodies of water. Particularly prevelant at Holmesly Wood, Slufters Pond and Dunyeats Pond..

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Males are a vivid pale blue colour, with a diagnostic U shaped 'whiskey tumbler' marking on the second abdominal segment. The majority of females have a predominantly black and green colouration, with an hour glass black marking on the second abdominal segment.