Beautiful Demoiselle
Calopteryx virgo

One of the most striking of damselfly species, the Beautiful Demoiselle as an almost metallic appearance, with males having a deep blue / green appearance, and females having a greeny gold colouration.

Beautiful Demoiselles surface in mid May and can be seen as late in the season as early September.

A very approachable damselfly, that is almost curious of the photographer, and not easily startled. Males rest upon foliage in the stream body, often close to the waters surface, females can be observed resting on the leaves of trees often 10 to 20 metres away from the body of water.

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Abundant at Crockford stream in the New Forest, where both males and females can be easily observed and photographed..
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Males have a striking blue metallic colouration, with blue tinted colouration throughout the wings. The similar Banded Demoiselle is easily distinguishable as the wing tinted colouration of the banded is restricted to a single band through the centre of each wing. Females are very similar in size and shape yet have a greeny gold colouration.