Common Blue Damselfly
Enallagma cyathigerum

A widespread species throughout the New Forest, which can easily be mistaken for the similarly coloured Azure Damselfly.


Most Large ponds will have a population of Common Damselflies, with the males sticking to vegetation either in or on the banks of the water. Females may often be found in heather many hundreds of metres away from the water.

Both males and females can be found in a selection of colours, spanning creamy grey, blue and violet with a number of variations.

Common Blue damselflies make an early appearance at the start of May with a flight season that lasts until early September.

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Found in abundance at Slufters Pond near Bolderwood and Hatchet Small Pond near to Beaulieu, but strangely uncommon throughout other New Forest areas.

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As with the similar Southern and Azure Damselfly species, the markings of the 2nd abdominal segment are used to gain a positive identification of the male. In the male, the markings on the 2nd abdominal segment resemble a small club shaped bush or brandy glass.