Emerald Damselfly
Lestes sponsa

A small, dainty and easily overlooked species, the Emerald Damselfly's green colouration makes it hard to spot when perched.

Close inspection however reveals a beautiful combination of metallic green and copper colours.

Flight is restricted to fairly short, fluttery trips, in between regular perching.

Emeralds are nearly always found perched on dense water based reeds and vegetation in still bodies of water, where unlike other damselflies they rest with wings in a half open position.

Flight season is from the end of June until mid September.

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Most large still bodies of water. Hatchet Small Pond (Hatchet Moor), Dunyeats Pond, Ramsdown Forest, Troublefield.

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seasonal appearance distinguishing features

Males have a metallic green body, with a copperish hue, eyes are blue, and the final abdominal segment is also typically a pale blue colour. Females are a duller green with brown eyes.