Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly
Ischnura pumilio

As its name suggests, the Scarce Bluetail is quite rare in the New Forest, and is easiy overlooked in the few locations where it is found.

Very similar to the slightly larger Blue-tailed damselfly, the Scarce is not easy to distinguish without close examination of the abdominal markings.

On close inspection it can be seen that the characteristic blue abdominal tip of the male Scarce Blue-tailed spans segments 9 and 10, whereas the regular Blue-tailed has a distinctly black final segment.

The flight seems somewhat feeble, and is restricted to short fluttery trips between perches, which are typically within the stream's vegetation.

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Quite uncommon in the New Forest, but can be seen in small numbers within short stretches of the Ober Water close to the A35, and also close to Latchmore Brook in the North of the Forest.

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Males are all black with a blue or green thorax and a blue tip on the final two segments of the abdomen. Females are almost entirely black and lack the blue-tip of their male counterparts. The thorax of the female is a vivid orange colour while juvenile and matures into a pale green. The pterostigma (front wing tip segment) is a two-tone black and white.