Banded Demoiselle
Calopteryx splendens

A large an impressively coloured damselfly. Males have a striking metallic blue / green colouration, and females have a greeny golden appearance.

As with the Beautiful Demoiselle, the males of the Banded variety are typically found perched on leaves close to the waters edge, while females can be found perched on vegetation often many metres away from the water.

Prefers to inhabit the banks of slow flowing wide bodied rivers and canals, as opposed to the Beautiful Demoiselle which prefers narrower faster flowing streams.

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While not nearly as abundant as the Beautiful Demoiselle, the banded can be found in a few areas in the New Forest / East Dorset Area. Romsey Canal, and the banks of the Rivers Stour and Avon are a few places where they can be seen in numbers.
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Very similar to the Beautiful Demoiselle, with males a striking Blue metallic colour, and females a greeny golden colour. The key differentiating feature is the markings on the wings. Banded demoiselles have a single band of tinted colouration down the centre of each wing, whereas the Beautiful Demoiselle has colouration throughout the wing.